Discover the harmful health effects of reusing cooking oil

One of the most commonly used staples in the kitchen is ‘oil.’ Right from adding up to the taste of the foods to enriching you with multiple nutrients

Play pause and remember, when your mom or your granny uses the leftover oil she gets from deep-frying pooris or pakodas!

the practise of reusing the cooking oil is extremely poisonous for the health as it takes you close to numerous health concerns. 

Leads to toxicity in the body and upturn the chances of heart and cognitive disorders

When the already used oil is heated again, it let out a higher concentration of varied toxic chemicals like Aldehydes that are linked with multiple health glitches like heart-related

Paves the way for LDL (bad) cholesterol levels

 this smoked black oil is rewarmed, it even releases higher quantities of trans fats which are extremely bad for the overall health.

Gives you acidity and burning sensations

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