As a rule of thumb, we say no to “Can I Eat Cucumber During Pregnancy?”

1. Intestinal Gas
This is one of the most common problems that stems from eating cucumbers during pregnancy. You may also experience indigestion and belching.

2. Frequent Urination
You may feel fullness of bladder often, leading to frequent urination. This may cause discomfort, depending on the trimester of your pregnancy.

3. Allergies
If you’re allergic to cucumbers, you may experience swelling and itching.

4. Toxicity
Cucumbers have toxins like cucurbitacins and tetracyclic triterpenoids, which lead to their bitter taste. When consumed in large quantities, these toxins can become life-threatening.

5. May Lead to Hyperkalemia

When consumed too much, the high potassium content in cucumbers causes abdominal cramps, bloating, and even affects your kidneys.

You can store it in a ziplock bag or special veggie bag to retain the moisture for a long time and prevent the cucumber from going limp.

You can have an early dinner or avoid eating cucumbers 3-4 hours before you sleep, to prevent this from happening.

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