Coffee is Good for You: 8 Ways to Keep it That Way

Avoid buying ground coffee. Purchase whole beans and store them in an airtight container, grinding as you go.

Research shows that people who drink filtered coffee had lower mortality rates than those who drink unfiltered coffee or no coffee at all.

According to Livestrong, sugar adds empty calories to your cup of coffee and has its own negative health effects.

Adding too much creamer will add needless calories with little nutritional value, says Christen Cupples Cooper, registered dietitian and founder of Cooper Nutrition.

Piling the add-ons available at most coffee shops can turn a healthy cup of black coffee with negligible calories into a 500-calorie fiasco.

As convenient as these little pods are, they may be detrimental to your health, says Livestrong.

Don’t forget to clean your machine. Any appliance that contains water can harbor mold and bacteria.

. Caffeine wakes people up but also disrupts the quality of sleep, according to a 2015 study published in Science Translational Medicine.

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