Best Workcation Escapes

The coronavirus has changed how we do many things—including how we work. Granted, for some of us rolling out of bed and onto a Zoom

Luckily, more and more hotels have gotten wind of our desperate need for a change of scenery and are answering the call by suggesting staycation getaways. 

We understand if flying is not your thing right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek out an escape closer to home. 

 There are tons of road trip accessible hotels offering discounted stays, as well as free WiFi and parking. 

There are many other amenities to look out for and consider when booking—such as complementary or discounted laundry and food service (because really who wants to do work or school and laundry?). 

the “vacation” part of it all further extends itself anywhere where spa services are offered and an in-house gym is available for guests. 

Whether your road trip is to Portland, Maine, or Portland, Oregon, there is a workcation haven waiting for you.

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