6 Best Pasta Combinations for Weight Loss

Don't fear pasta—despite its rap for being notoriously high in carbs and calories, it can actually become a healthy meal

 for when you're looking to lose weight, depending on the type of pasta noodle and combination of ingredients.

With nutrient-packed ingredients and slimmed-down pasta options, which offer more protein, fiber, and complex carbs, as opposed to lackluster refined carbs and sugars

you can make yourself a quick, simple, and delicious pasta dish that's versatile and perfect for lunch or as a protein topper that'll fill you up, not out.

Cauliflower Pasta + Pesto + Fresh Sliced Tomato

Using it as a base just adds extra fiber and another serving of veggies, and you can then combine it with other savory veggies, like tomato, and add a satiating dressing like pesto

Black Bean Pasta + Grilled Chicken + Olive Oil

"Black bean pasta is higher in both protein and fiber than traditional pasta and adding grilled chicken or strips of grilled tempeh

Chickpea Pasta + Salmon + Eggplant

A high-protein pasta alternative with excellent texture, chickpea pasta mimics regular pasta pretty well, so it's a good option especially at the beginning of your weight loss plan, as an easier transition. 

Edamame Pasta + Sliced Black Olives + Sautéed Spinach

Drizzle the pasta noodles and salad with simple and clean extra virgin olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper for electrolytes and flavor.