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7 Affordable Fruity Scents To Make Y'all Smell Fresh And Sweet In Sultry Summer

Tomatophagia may sometimes be associated with nutritional deficiencies, especially in pregnant women. 

1.   Gulab Singh Johrimal Green Apple- Natural Attar Unisex Perfume Oil


Saint Lucia,

Per Night

2.   Body Cupid Apple Blossom Body Mist

Make an appointment with your doctor if you think you have an iron deficiency. You should not try to treat iron deficiency on your own by taking iron supplements. This is because taking too much iron can be damaging to the liver.



3.   Plum Bodylovin' Trippin' Mimosas Body Mist

Make sure to list everything you eat and drink, including the amounts. This can help you find patterns in your diet and symptoms.

Per Night

4.   Nykaa Wanderlust Fragrance Body Mist - Strawberry Daiquiri

Eat a balanced diet. This will ensure that you’re getting enough nutrients and prevent deficiencies.

5.   Bath & Body Works Gingham Travel Size Fine Fragrance Mist


6.   The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist


- Jimmy Carr

7.   Zara Black Amber Eau De Toilette

Eat other foods that have the same nutrients found in tomatoes. This will help you avoid carotenemia or lycopenemia, while contributing to a well-rounded diet.


Taveuni Island, 

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