Being Overweight or Obese Raises a Woman's Risk for Bone Fractures

Being overweight or obese is never good for one's health, but now a new study suggests it increases a woman's risk of broken bones.

researchers followed 20,000 women and men, aged 40 to 70, in the Canadian province of Quebec from 2009 until 2016.

During a median follow-up of 5.8 years, 497 women and 323 men suffered a fracture.

There were 415 major osteoporotic fractures (hip, spine, wrist or leg), 260 in women and 155 in men.

There were 353 leg fractures (ankle, foot, shin), 219 in women and 134 in men. There were 203 arm fractures (wrist, forearm or elbow), 141 in women and 62 in men.

In women, a greater waist circumference (indicating more abdominal fat) was associated with an increased risk of a fracture..

For each two-inch increase in waist circumference, the risk of a fracture at any site was 3% higher and the risk of a leg fracture was 7% higher.

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