Aston Martin cleared of copying Red Bull's F1 car

Formula One's governing body, the FIA, have announced that Aston Martin's upgraded car is legal after it launched an investigation into the apparent similarities between its AMR22 car and Red Bull's RB18.

Aston Martin is among a number of teams that have brought significant updates to this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix 

The new design looks similar to Red Bull's and comes after two senior aerodynamicists, Dan Fallows and Andrew Alessi, left Red Bull to join Aston Martin at the end of last year.

Formula One recently banned teams from directly copying rival designs after Racing Point, which became Aston Martin in 2021, employed a process that used photos to copy the design of the 2019 Mercedes car.

In a statement ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix weekend, the FIA said it launched an investigation into the revised Aston Martin design

"The FIA carried out a routine pre-event legality check of the planned aerodynamic upgrade of the Aston Martin team for the 2022 FIA

"During this process, it became apparent that a number of features on the Aston Martin resembled those of another Competitor.

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