Amazing Things to Do in Cedar Key

This region in Florida is diversity and outdoor activities! You can move from the lush forest filled with refreshing crystal-clear natural springs to warm ocean temperatures in just a short drive.

About Cedar Key

This region was mapped in 1542 and named “Las Islas Sabines” which means The Cedar Islands, named for the bounty of cedar trees that covered the islands.

Cedar Key Beach – swim, kayak, paddle board

Cedar Key Beach is a small area by the marina with a strip of white sand, palm trees, and a sectioned off swimming area.

Kayak to Atsena Otie

One of the best things to do in Cedar Key is to explore this island by kayak. We rented our kayaks from Dave and headed out for a strong paddle against the current.

Sunset at Cedar Key

The sky lights up in pretty oranges and pinks as it sets behind the lands and water of the Cedar Key National Refuge.

Dock Street

Or D street as the locals refer to The Big Dock, is a series of colorful mom and pop resorts, restaurants, and multi storied buildings stores suspended over the waters on stilts.

Shell Mound

A path off the Shell Mound Trail leads to a boardwalk and fishing pier that looks out over a bayou of Suwanee Sound.

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