How to use the Airbnb Discount Code?

So how can you make staying in an Airbnb even cheaper? Use this discount code to get up to $50 USD off your next booking! 

All you have to do is sign up for Airbnb via this link. When you sign up your account will automatically be credited.

You can then use this credit to get a free or huge discount on your next Airbnb booking!

 Make sure to click the button ‘apply for travel credit’ when making your booking. This will then discount the price.

Depending on your currency, the discount code will make you a saving of:

$66 AUD
€40 EUR
$47 USD
£36 GBP

Note: If you cancel a booking the discount code can’t be used again. Additionally, make sure to always check the expiration date on your code.

How to Use the Discount Code if You Are Already a Member

To use the discount code you’ll have to create a new account on Airbnb using a different email address. Alternatively, if you’re traveling with other people who aren’t yet members of Airbnb,

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