9 Foods That Aren’t What You Think They Are

In a world driven by evil marketing geniuses, it’s hard to know what’s reality and what’s just clever branding. As consumers, we’re susceptible to all kinds of white lies—especially when it comes to the food we eat.

It turns out that baby carrots aren’t a separate variety of carrot grown on tiny baby farms—rather, they’re the paltry remains of full-sized carrots that have been cut into two-inch fragments by a machine.

Baby carrots

I always thought that baby corn is a distinct varietal of corn that only grows to a certain size—and judging by queries all over the internet, many others did, too. 

Baby corn

Kraft singles are the everyman’s cheese, adorning many a fried bologna sandwich in my household. But to call these uber-processed slices “cheese” isn’t entirely accurate. 

Kraft singles

” The offenses ranged from mild—different types of tuna used interchangeably—to severe, with diners being served flounder in place of halibut or red snapper.


When you see the words “imitation crab,” you should know to temper your expectations. But most crab sticks, colloquially known as “Krab,” does contain actual seafood—just not the kind you’d expect.

Imitation crab

Enjoying a hot dog requires you to accept the unfortunate truth: You’re devouring a bunch of random animal parts smushed together. 

Filet mignon

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