“I’ve seen many cases where patients have waited way too long before seeking medical attention,” says gastroenterologist

If you have an onset of severe pain around the navel accompanied by nausea, fever and vomiting it may be appendicitis, according to Reader's Digest.

Pain on your right side. This could signal a gallbladder inflammation. If the pain persists worsens when you eat greasy foods, see your doctor.

that most people tend to gain weight as they get older, but if you are losing weight unintentionally, this could be a “red flag,” she adds.

Sudden sharp pain. If you feel an unpleasant sensation near your lower ribs that radiates down your groin, this could be a sign of kidney stones.

If you suffer from this symptom just below the breastbone, especially after consuming a large meal, it could be a sign of heartburn.

Feeling full after eating only a little. The most common cause of this symptom is gastroparesis, a condition in which food stays in the stomach longer than it should.

The earlier you detect a problem, the more options you have and the better your chances of success at managing it.

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