18 Simple Stress Relievers to Add to Your Mental Health Toolkit

Nothing is more stressful than being unprepared. Get organized so you're ready for the next day, taking a few minutes to make a to-do list and clean up before you leave. 

Prep for tomorrow.

Arm yourself with healthy snacks.

Raise your hand if you've ever scooped your way to the bottom of an ice cream pint, went to town on a bag (or three) of gummies, or even reached for some frozen pizza when the going got tough.

Doing almost any routine, repetitive activity (e.g. vacuuming, shredding paper, knitting) or reciting a word that represents how you wish you felt (such as calm) is a quick way to achieve a Zen-like state. 

Repeat a mantra or an activity.

Whether you listened to a lullaby as a child to help you fall asleep or rely on a pump-up playlist to motivate you to achieve a new PR, then you likely know that music can have a profound impact on your brain. 

Turn on some tunes.

Limiting your cash withdrawals to once a week is a quick, easy way to monitor your spending habits.

Use the ATM once

A Swedish study published in the International Journal of Stress Management found that floating in water triggers the body's relaxation response, helping lower stress hormone levels. 

Hit the pool.

Thanks to smartphones, email, Slack, and countless other forms of technology, it can often feel like your job never truly ends

Put away your phone.

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