8 Best Beaches in Thasos

1. Paradise Beach

Appropriately named Paradise Beach, this pretty spot on the pristine East Coast of Thasos lives up to expectations.

2. Salonikios Beach

Salonikios Beach, set on the brink of the southern tip of Thasos, is where you'll experience a number of the island's famous sunsets.

3. Metalia Beach

Thasos experience a wave of tourists once the summer months arrive, but Metalia Beach provides a haven far away from the crowds.

4. Notos Beach

Notos Beach offers tranquil coastal experience for those that want to flee the crowds in Thasos. 

5. La Scala Beach

La Scala may be a public beach maintained by a contemporary restaurant and bar of an equivalent name.

6. Pachis Beach

Pachis Beach offers the great views back across the Thasos mainland. 

7. Aliki Beach

Aliki Beach draws vacationers with its two pebble-and-sand beaches separated by a slender gulf.

8. Giola Lagoon

Giola Lagoon might lack a sandy beachfront, but it might be considered Thasos'Thasos' most beautiful swimming spot.

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