Just 7,000 Steps a Day Can Save Your Life

New evidence reveals that the old rule of 10,000 steps daily is outdated, and if you are over 60 you really need only 7,000 steps per day to slash your mortality risk by 50%.

50,000 adults and found that seniors had a decreasing mortality rate when they walked between 6,000 and 8,000 steps daily, with an average of 7,000 steps to reap the health benefits.

When we eat too much salt, this increasFor those under the age of 60, the mortality rate dropped when they accomplished 8,000 to 10,000 steps daily, for an average of 9,000 steps to lower the risk.

boosting your daily step count to 5,000 for folks 60 and over and 7,000 for younger individuals slashed mortality risk by 40%.

And it is easy to track your steps with a smartphone that has a built-in health app to count steps automatically.

Walking strengthens your heart, improves bone density, relaxes your mind, and helps with muscle-building, says Axios.

that walking has been scientifically shown to reduce certain forms of cancer, fight obesity and ease joint pain.

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