7 Ways To Make Traveling With Kids Just A Little Easier

Baby/ Kid Proof The Room

As soon as you get into your hotel room do a quick look around for any hazards and fragile items. Sometimes hotels  have breakable decor like vases that may need to be relocated, 

Sleeping Arrangements

Before you go carting that pack-and-play across the country, call your hotel and see what they have available. I remember being so surprised with what some hotels have to offer for families traveling with children.

Grocery Store Run

One of the first places we go when on vacation anywhere is the local grocery store. Depending on what amenities our hotel has, we load up on easy snacks to have on hand. Dining out for every 

In-unit/ On Property Washer & Dryer

If you’ve ever traveled with a child you know how messy things can get. Whether you are in the middle of potty training,

White Noise

You can’t always choose the location of your room on property or predict what kind of neighbors you will have. Not to mention sleeping in a new space can sometimes be a lot for little ones. 

Plan For Downtime

It’s sometimes tempting to pack in as many things as you can in one day, but if your kids are anything like mine that may not go over well.

Before Check Out

The last thing you want is to get to the airport and realize your toddler must have dropped your remote hard drive behind the couch. Or worse, 

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