7 Ways to Brew Delicious Coffee

 percolator has two chambers for water and coffee. As water boils, steam flows through a tube to brew coffee above. Coffee brews in the upper chamber.

CafetièreOriginal instant coffee was coffee bags. This method makes coffee wherever, anytime. You just need a cup, boiling water, and coffee. Then add water to the bag. Enjoy your coffee after 3 minutes.

The French Press has been popular since 1929. This is one of the best and easiest ways to brew ground coffee without sacrificing flavour.

 CoffeemakersStarbucks uses espresso machines to brew coffee. This machine has caffeinated millions since 1901. This coffee machine forces hot pressure water through coffee beans. It filters water to make espresso, a hot, concentrated coffee.

 Espresso Machines
Using an espresso machine is the most common way of brewing coffee that you can see in your favorite coffee shops, like Starbucks. Since 1901, this machine has kept millions of people caffeinated

 AeropressConsidered as one of the latest innovations on brewing your coffee, Aeropress was launched in 2005. 

A vacuum or also known as the Siphon pot is a brewer that uses constant heat to make a vacuum and force the water up into another chamber where the coffee grounds are placed. 

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