All-Time Favorite Pasta Copycat Recipes

Inspired by: Penne Rosa at Noodles & Company
The original recipe asked for vodka and heavy whipping cream, but I altered it so that it doesn't require either. My family and friends were sceptical that a sauce this tasty, creamy, and rich could be light. In Hemet, California — Margaret Wilson

Inspired by: Cheese Ravioli at Zio's Italian Kitchen
This homemade ravioli recipe is one of my favourite things to cook and bake. My ideal day consists of preparing delicious meals for my family and then watching them devour them! A Michigan woman named —Lori Daniels of Hartland, Michigan.

Inspired by: Cajun Chicken Pasta at Chili's
An all-time favourite in our house, this cajun chicken pasta dish is also my most frequently requested dish. In addition, it's simple to adapt. Make this dish your own by substituting shrimp for chicken, adding your favourite vegetables, and adjusting the heat to suit your family's preferences! Smithland, Iowa's Dolly Kragel

Inspired By: Pasta Da Vinci at The Cheesecake Factory
As a bonus, it may be made ahead and stored in the freezer or refrigerated. Cheesecake Factory pasta da Vinci has never been easier to make at home on a weeknight. 

Inspired by: Lasagne at Carrabba's Italian Grill

To prepare a simple lasagna dish for a holiday dinner, read on. It's impossible to go wrong with this scrumptious pork lasagna. When it comes to birthday presents, my grown sons and daughter-in-law insist on getting it from me as well. Ill. resident Pam Thompson (Girard)

Inspired by: Taylor Street Baked Ziti at Maggiano's Little Italy

It's always a pleasure to serve this baked ziti dish to my family and friends. In addition to being a simple dish to make, I enjoy experimenting with the sauces I use. My tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, and other vegetables may be added to my meals from time to time.

Inspired by: Ravioli di Portobello at Olive Garden
I feel energised by the combination of exercise and fresh air, as well as the beauty of nature. To make advantage of the abundance of our produce, I devised this dish. The dish is simple and lovely at the same time. It's a scrumptious treat. In Emmett, Idaho, —Kelly Knoblock

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