6 Wow-Factor Hints For Visiting Hong Kong

Each time I visit Hong Kong, I’m drawn to its yin-yang magnetism.

 Both a metropolis counting some of the world’s top hotels and restaurants, and a tropical escape rimmed by lush hills and sugary beaches, the Pearl of the Orient has a certain pull

To take full advantage of its city-meets-country lifestyle, I’ve rounded up six Hong Kong hints to enhance your visit.

Hike-worthy hills 

 the metropolis is a concrete jungle, while 40 percent of the surrounding land is dedicated to country parks and nature reserves.

Sky-high sips

With more than 8,000 towers huddled into Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient has numerous locations for a sky-high sip.

International outposts

At night, don’t miss the just-opened (February 2017) Rech by Alain Ducasse, lead by one of the world’s most celebrated chefs with double-digit Michelin stars.

Light show

At 8 p.m. nightly Hong Kong’s already spectacular skyline ups itself a notch with a free light show featuring a “cast” of more than 40 buildings

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