6 Color Palettes Experts are Excited About in 2022

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the first things you’ll do is figure out a color palette. Your chosen palette will influence every other aspect of your day—from your decor and florals to your wedding party looks.

Neutrals Are Here to Stay

Neutrals Are Here to StayWelcome signPHOTO BY JULIETA AMEZCUANeutral colors allow nature’s organic hues to shine through, according to Sarah Crowell at Mavinhouse Events. She says most couples like to work with whites, creams, and greens. 

Say Yes to Yellow

This bright and punchy color evokes the feeling of happiness, making it the perfect wedding day color palette, says Annie Lee, principal planner at Daughter

Earth Tones

“We love to use colors that are slightly off and dirty,” Sams described. “Think dirty yellows, cognacs, olive greens, umber, and rust.”

Pantone Purple

brighter colors like coral, pink, vibrant purple, or even black is a classic combination that can work beautifully in any season.” 

Bold and Bright

Purple and berry hues can be an amazing complement to other common wedding colors such as blush pink or blue tones,” Costin recommends. 

Summer Tones Meets Fall Hues

“The colors are white and ivory with lush greenery and pops of red and golden mustard, with blush to transition and add depth

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