6 Best Drinking Habits for Belly Fat Loss at Any Age

Drink more water.

When you want to lose weight and cut down on belly fat, it can't hurt to start drinking more water. By drinking a few more cups of water on a daily basis, your stomach feels full, preventing overeating. 

Have an extra cup of coffee.

Nothing helps you wake up in the morning like a hot cup of coffee, and it now looks like a hot cup of joe can help you attain a flat stomach.

Enjoy more green tea.

Like coffee, drinking more green tea can help you burn stomach fat, due to the drink's caffeine content. 

Grab another black tea.

If you want to lose some stomach fat but have a preference for black tea over green tea, have no fear.

Start loving apple cider vinegar.

If you love a bit of acidity in your drinks, you can't go wrong by spiking your favorite beverages with a bit of apple cider vinegar. 

Bulk your drinks up with protein.

Protein drinks may seem like an unlikely candidate when it comes to cutting belly fat, but don't ignore these beverages associated with working out.

Fruit smoothie

Young suggests adding potassium-rich fruit such as orange or banana can help with dehydration.

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