For men, a daily cup of coffee may do more than just wake up the brain. Some research suggests that men who drink two to three cups of coffee a day have lower odds of developing erectile dysfunction.

Vascular disease: Reduced blood flow to the penis can cause ED.

Neurological conditions: Nerve damage from stroke, MS, or even diabetes can cause ED.

Mental health: Stress, depression, and performance anxiety can all contribute to ED. A traumatic injury could also lead to an onset of ED.

Other risk factors for ED include: 
Age (over 50)
Alcohol consumption
Drug use

Obesity or lack of exerciseSe
dentary lifestyle
Lack of sleep
Poor cardiovascular
 (high cholesterol or high blood pressure)

Moderate caffeine intake appears to have a positive effect on most people and does not seem to cause erectile dysfunction.

 In fact, one study found that drinking two to three cups of coffee per day can lower the risk of developing ED.

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