5 Facts About Group Health Insurance 

Most of us have grown up with a security blanket around us and our parents led by example as they saved pennies to secure a safer future.

 Insurance, they taught us, is a life-saving boat. It is usually their first choice of investment, especially in those days when they were hard-pressed to look after themselves and their family.

We Are All In The Same Life Boat

Group insurance, as the name implies, offers coverage to a group of individuals, who are typically firm employees or family members.


Because the insurer's risk is dispersed among a group of policyholders, group health members typically obtain insurance at a lower rate.


Employer-provided group health insurance coverage are only valid for as long as you are employed by or linked with the firm.

Choices and control

In the case of group plans, your company or organisation selects the best plan for the group as a whole.

No Claim Bonus

The traditional employer-provided group policy does not give the advantage of "no claim" — when you do not file a claim during your tenure.

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