5 Best Dessert Habits to Lose Belly Fat,

Enjoy a cup of green tea with your dessert.

You may not automatically associate drinking tea with eating dessert, but the combination of the two can not only be deliciously cozy, but healthier as well.

Lean on the natural sweetness of fruit.

If you're a fan of fruit, try leaning on your favorite kind of fruit for your dessert options every now and then.

Give yourself full permission to eat any dessert.

Sometimes, limiting ourselves too much in order to lose weight can result in the opposite effect.

Always eat a nutrient-dense meal before dessert.

It's also important to eat your dessert after you've already had a nutrient-dense meal for dinner.

If you want dessert, you should eat it! It's as simple as that. But many strict diets out there will try to tell you that you should refrain from sweets or your favorite dessert foods in order to lose weight. 

If you're a lover of dessert but want to lose weight, there are plenty of healthy dessert habits that dietitians recommend so that you don't have to give up your favorite sweet treats!

"Skipping meals is going to leave you ravenous when a dessert is placed in front of you because it's a normal reaction to overeat to account for the missed calories 

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