Blood Circulation Is Improved
Massage your feet lightly with any oil of your choice just before going to bed

Encourages restful sleep
Before going to bed, give yourself a thorough oil massage to help you unwind and rest. It relieves stress and soothes your nerves. 

Relieves Pain
Inflammation is reduced and any tension or discomfort in the foot is relieved with an oil massage. 

PMS Symptoms Are Reduced
Mood swings, bloating, sleeplessness, nausea, and cramping are all common PMS symptoms.

Warm oil may be massaged into the back area where your thumb meets your foot, which is also an acupressure point. 

Apply greater pressure to this spot for 5 minutes while rubbing your entire foot.

Oil massage has also been linked to blood pressure reduction and the treatment of restless leg syndrome.

Make it a habit to adopt this practise and to give your feet a little additional attention in order to maintain them healthy and clean.

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