11 Of The Best Cities For A Staycation

 We surveyed 1,001 American travelers and 38.4 percent said they take one staycation a year and 22.2 percent take two staycations a year.

1. Everett, Washington

Seattle isn’t the only gorgeous city in the Puget Sound. Everett is just a ferry ride away from Whidbey Island and a short drive to Seattle attractions.

2. Redding, California

For many tourists, Northern California begins and ends with San Francisco. But they’re missing out on the scenic small towns and stunning national forests that surround Redding.

3. Cleveland, Ohio

The food scene is booming, and we can’t get enough of the local beers (Masthead’s Jalapeno IPA hurts so good). 

4. Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park has all the amenities you’d expect from the second-largest city in the state, but it really embraces indie businesses and community ties like a small town.

5. Kissimmee, Florida

Maybe you moved here for work, for the beautiful waterfront scenery, or to be close to family. Whatever the reason, you also get the sun-smooched glow Kissimmee’s name implies.

6. Franklin, Tennessee

Founded in 1799, Franklin is a historical hub—there’s no denying that—but that’s not all! Locals know world-class music grows in their backyard, and the booming brewery scene is worth traveling for.

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