10 Most Places in Europe to Visit by Train in 2022

Paris to Berlin

one of the smartest ways to travel between romantic Paris and beautiful Berlin is on a modern train.

Bergen Railway, Norway

A journey to the Bergen line provides one of Europe's most breathtaking panoramic views.

West Highland Line, Scotland

Take the West Highland Line, considered one of the world's most lengthy rail rides, if you want to see Scotland and its magnificent vistas from the window of a train.

Bernina Express, Switzerland and Italy

The Bernina Express train line passes through breathtaking alpine scenery as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 Semmering Railway, Austria

The Semmering railway runs via the Semmering Pass, traversing a forested mountain range via 15 tunnels, 16 viaducts, several crossings, and arched bridges.

Central Rhine Railway, Germany

The Rhine Valley Line provides a relaxing trip through Germany's summertime countryside. Visit the attractive cities of Koblenz and Mainz along the route, and take in the soothing views of the riverfront vineyards.

Rauma Line, Norway

Fantastic journey on the lovely Rauma line, a train ride that will leave you with a memorable memory, travelling through the Romsdalen Valley, which is home to some of Norway's most majestic mountain formations.

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