Most Iconic Buildings in London

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The Royal Albert Hall is found in London's Kensington neighbourhood and is among the foremost popular concert halls within the UK and therefore the home of the Proms concert series.


London, UK

Royal Albert Hall

Wembley Stadium may be a massive soccer stadium that's among the most important in Europe and is that the home of the britain national soccer team and therefore the FA Cup finals.


London, UK

Wembley Stadium

Southbank Center may be a complex of venues on the South Bank of the Thames that form one among the most important art centres in Europe.


London, UK

Southbank Center

The Shard is an awe-inspiring spike that pierces the sky in central London, rising nearly 310 meters into the air and offering its own vertical cityscape inside.


London, UK

The Shard

St Paul's Cathedral was for 3 centuries the dominating feature of the London skyline and today is an iconic, historic baroque structure that's a part of the city's myth and majesty.


London, UK

St Paul's Cathedral

The Tower of London has played a task in British history for nearly a millennium, from a famed penitentiary and execution tower to the house of the Crown Jewels. 


London, UK

Tower of London

The Palace of Westminster is that the heart of British politics where Parliament meets and is informally referred to as the homes of Parliament, offering centuries of history and tradition.


London, UK

Houses of Parliament

Tate Modern was originally the primary oil-fired power plant in Great Britain and today may be a cultural icon that houses a famed modern art museum.


London, UK

Tate Modern

The Gherkin is among the primary great contemporary skyscrapers to pierce the London skyline and rises 180 meters above the bottom , thrice the peak of Niagara Falls.


London, UK

The Gherkin

London, UK

The National Theater features unique architecture that has been controversial among Londoners, but since its opening it's been a destination for London culture.


London, UK

National Theater

London, UK