10 Healthiest High Protein Beans

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1. Green Peas

A half-cup serving of green peas contains 4 grammes of satiating fibre and only 67 calories. This is because more people are experimenting with plant-based eating.

2. Soy Beans

It's not only a fantastic source of protein when eaten as edamame or immature soybeans, but it's also high in calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K, ferrous and folate.

3. Lima Beans

Known as "butter beans," limas are abundant in a trace mineral that helps the body metabolise sulfites. Olive oil, onion, garlic, and herbs are Brooking's favourite supper side dish.

4. Cannellini Beans

With a mild earthy flavour and 6 grammes of fibre per serving, these beans' texture allows them to be used in mashed potatoes, stews, pastas, and more.

5. Garbanzo Beans

One of the easiest legumes to consume because of their multitasking abilities, these magnesium and potassium stars are great for heart health, according to Previte.

6. Red Kidney Beans

These potassium-rich beans are named after the organ they resemble. "All three types of beans are used in this slow cooker chilli recipe. In the absence of turkey,"

7. Cranberry beans

Nope, you haven't had these speckled chestnuts. Get your protein, calcium, and potassium now. If you need to add beans to a pasta fagioli soup, try these.

8. Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are a global favourite "Previte states Good news because "their kaempferol content is exceptional for its health advantages.

9. Navy Beans

In addition to being soft, adaptive, and rich in manganese, copper, and thiamine. They're great in bean and ham soup or mixed into tomato sauce for spaghetti.

10. Black-Eyed Peas

"They are high in iron, vitamin B9, and folate," Previte says If you want high-protein baked beans, add bacon, broth, and diced onions and bell peppers.

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