10 Best Islands near San Francisco

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Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is well-known because the once-infamous penitentiary where a number of the worst criminals in U.S. history

Angel Island

Angel Island offers hiking trails, outdoor adventure, and stunning views of the San Francisco skyline, Mount Tamalpais, and therefore the Marin County Headlands.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is a man-made island in San Francisco Bay. it's rocky beaches, excellent dining, and secret gardens, also as historic attractions dating as far back because the 1930s.

Brooks Island Regional Preserve

The Brooks Island Regional Preserve may be a prominent aviary in Richmond, about 21 miles northeast of San Francisco .

Alameda Island

Alameda Island may be a city located 14 miles east of San Francisco . It consists of charming Victorian homes dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries, ample dining options, vintage shops, and family-friendly attractions.

Belvedere Island

Belvedere Island is a component of an affluent community in Marin County. This rather rocky island is linked to the town of Belvedere and Tiburon Peninsula by 2 causeways.

Yerba Buena Island

Yerba Buena Island’s military history dates back to the 1870s, when it hosted the military Mail Camp Micromeria chamissonis Island.

Farallon Islands

The Farallon Islands provide refuge for a spread of birds, whales, and seals. This protected area is closed to the general public , but wildlife-watching tours are available from May through November.

Bair Island

Bair Island covers a complete area of three ,000 acres, comprising 3 islands within the San Francisco Bay.

Marin Island National Wildlife Refuge

The Marin Island National Wildlife Refuge consists of two islands in San Rafael Bay, namely East Marin and West Marin.

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