10 Best Foods and Dishes in Mykonos 

1. Tiganites gries

Tiganites gries are an easy sweet that was often made in days gone to spend any leftover pie dough.

2. Louza

Louza sausages were made after the annual pig slaughter – a well-liked festival in the autumn when each household would slaughter the pig that they had fattened up over the year.

3. Melopita

Melita (honey pie) may be a sweet pie made with the regular Mykonos cheese, tirovolia.

4. Rafiolia

Ravioli are sweets made of fried dough with honey and orange with cinnamon often sprinkled on top.

5. Sausages with black-eyed beans

Mykonos black-eyed beans are called 'kafematika' and mix well with Mykonos sausage, formed exclusively from pork meat and fat.

6. Mostra

In the Mykonos dialect, 'Mostra' was originally a unit of measurement for rusks. Today, this dish is popularly served as an accompaniment to ouzo.

7. Amygdalota

Amygdalota may be a traditional sweet with a particular rose aroma and almond flavor.

8. Lazarakia (little Lazaruses)

Lazarakia takes their name from the tradition by Orthodox Christians of creating them on Lazarus Saturday - the Saturday that begins Holy Week and commemorates the resurrection of Lazarus.

9. Kremidopita

Kremidopita (onion pie) is among many Mykonos delicacies related to Easter.

10. Kopanisti

The original Mykonos kopanisti may be a delicate cheese that will compete with top European cheeses.

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