10 Amazing Locations For Horseback Riding Adventures

Las Vegas

In the distance, a coyote howls. Your horse’s ears swivel to catch the sound while it steadily walks along a hardpacked, desert trail. 


 These hardy horses travel with a smooth gait, called a tölt, making them one of the most comfortable rides around. Plus, their gentle and sweet nature makes them perfect for first-time riders.


The clip-clop of hooves, a cool breeze from the Caribbean Sea, and the serenity of natural beauty await you in Aruba.


Just minutes outside the city center of Buenos Aires, you can catch a game of polo—a thrilling sport to watch for any horse enthusiast.

Los Angeles

 Watch for red-tailed hawks soaring above or some of the 50 recorded species of butterflies flitting around wildflowers and bushes. At the summit above the huge white letters, you’ll find a remarkable view of Los Angeles sprawled out before you.


 Meet some impressively large toros bravos (brave bulls) on a bull ranch before heading out on a relaxing horseback ride through the La Suara nature reserve. And be sure to sample some local wine!


Be sure to pack a bathing suit because on this equestrian adventure you’ll splash though cerulean ocean waters as your horse swims beneath you.


 Follow the dirt bridle path as it circles the Reservoir and North Meadow. With birds singing in the trees and blue sky above, you may even forget you’re in New York City.

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