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9 Best Nudist Beaches in the U.S.A

    The best nudist beaches within the U.S. are often both remote and secretive, also as convenient and busy. the character of the shores varies wildly, from rocky to both black and white sand. the bulk are quite secluded, as you’d probably expect, but even these often have good access roads and carparks nearby.

    It’s worth mentioning that the principles and laws around nudist beaches within the U.S. are often a touch confusing. Some are officially “clothing-optional” while others allow only topless sunbathing. And still, there are people who are effectively “unofficial” nudist beaches, where nudity is more tolerated than legally allowed. In short, if there’s no clear signage, you would possibly be disrobing at your own risk. If unsure , double-check the local laws.

    Haulover Beach Park, Florida

    Every year, Haulover Beach attracts quite 1.3 million visitors, making it one among the foremost popular nudist beaches within the us . At both ends of this long, white stretch of sand you’ll find clothing-optional sections, where naturists can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as practice swimming under lifeguard supervision. If you’re not afraid to reveal beat front of jostling crowds, head to Haulover Beach in July, when the National Nude Recreation Week festivities happen .

    Little Beach, Hawaii

    Little Beach in Maui offers a scenic getaway for travelers who like to drop their clothes. The beach is shaded by hillside trees and boasts pristine waters for bathing. Surrounded by a volcanic cinder cone and ancient lava flows, Little Beach may be a stunning sight to go to whether you would like to reveal all or not.

    When you need an opportunity from the sun, you’ll visit the state park marine sanctuary, which is renowned for its whales, tropical fish, dolphins, and sea turtles.

    Baker Beach, California

    Baker Beach may be a very fashionable urban beach in San Francisco that gives nude sunbathing and an excellent view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The 1-mile-long beach is backed by cliffs, which are home to a choice of hiking trails, 2 historical coastal artillery batteries and alittle carpark with restrooms.

    You’ll see a really clear ‘Hazardous Surf’ check in the beach, which not only indicates how risky it are often to require a dip within the cold water here but also marks the boundary of the clothing-optional zone.

    Gunnison Beach, New Jersey

    Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook is that the destination of choice for brand spanking new Yorkers looking to unburden themselves of all their troubles, stresses and garments . Being on Sandy Hook peninsula, just 2 hours’ drive from Brooklyn, it offers a reasonably good view of the large Apple on a transparent day. The clothing-optional a part of this white-sand shore is that the southern bit, which is sort of faraway from the carpark and is clearly signposted.

    Aside from its views and liberal policies, the beach’s assets include restrooms, showers and shops where you’ll buy or rent beach gear and water sporting goods .

    Kehena Beach, Hawaii

    Kehena Beach may be a short, narrow strip of black volcanic sand on the southeastern shore of Hawaii Big Island, a brief drive from the town of Kalapana. What it lacks in size, it easily makes up for in beauty, being sandwiched between nodding palm trees and therefore the inky blue of the Pacific .

    Kehena Beach is usually also referred to as Dolphin Beach, because of its regular cetacean visitors. By that rationale, it could even be called Nudist Beach as its remote location makes it an excellent clothing-optional destination.

    Collins Beach, Oregon

    Collins Beach is an unusual addition to the list of best nudist beaches within the U.S. because it is on the shore of the Columbia . one among the country’s few non-coastal clothing-optional beaches, it’s located in a neighborhood of farmland during a wildlife sanctuary on Sauvie Island, about half-hour from Portland.

    Collins Beach is as noteworthy for its beauty because it is for its code . it’s surprisingly nice sand for a riverbank and there’s many parking lot behind the treeline that separates the beach from the road.

    Moshup Beach, Massachusetts

    Moshup Beach may be a spectacular place to enjoy the sunset on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s located on the island’s East Coast , at the foot of the Gay Head cliffs. The terracotta-coloured clay cliffs look especially striking within the dying rays of the top of the day.

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    A clothing-optional northern a part of Moshup Beach is comparatively easy to urge to but lacks much within the way of facilities. There’s a carpark, shops and even a cultural museum and therefore the Aquinnah Cliffs Overlook, but these are a substantial walk off from the closest beach entrance.

    Black’s Beach, California

    Black’s Beach may be a surprisingly rugged and hard-to-reach spot that’s right in among the conurbation of San Diego . Just a couple of minutes’ drive from the University of California San Diego and right behind the Torrey Pines golf links , spending each day on this beach requires parking in an unpaved lot and hiking down a steep and rugged path.

    Despite being in a convenient location, this clothing-optional beach has remained so because of its steep, rocky access.

    Playalinda Beach, Florida

    Playalinda Beach is one among the few nude beaches in Florida that also allows alcohol. Unfortunately, that’s not as useful a feature because it might sound as, being quite remote, you’ll got to drive there and back, which you can’t do after you’ve had a drink. There are absolutely no nearby facilities, either.

    The beach itself is sort of breezy and has quite pleasant yellow-white sand. It’s a part of the Canaveral National Seashore and is within a really short distance of Kennedy Space Center. In fact, a number of the space centre’s launch pads are right behind the beach, so you would possibly find your peaceful relaxation interrupted by a rocket launch.